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Uttarpara Government High school

Nineteenth century Bengali Renaissance brought a sense of awakening, an urge to unshackle the old and retrograde, a thrust to bring new wave of modern culture and education among Bengalis. Joykrishna and brother Rajkrishna understood the significance of modern education, specially the important place of English language as a harbinger of modern outlook.

Main entrance - Government High School

Towards the end of 1845, Joykrishna and Raj Krishna wrote an application to the then Magistrate of Howrah Mr. G.F. Cockburn for the opening of a good school in Uttarpara. The nearest Govt school was in Howrah - at least six miles north of Uttarpara. Joykrishna appealed that this distance is too long for residents of Uttarpara and an English school should be set up within easy reach of Uttarpara students.

In their application they also promised to pay Rs. 100/- per month from their landed property to the school. Moreover, they also assured the Govt. that if the Govt. would accept the proposal for the school, the people of this locality would provide financial support (Rs. 5000/-) to the school. Strongly recommending the proposal of the Mukherjees, Mr. Cockburn forwarded the application to the then Secretary of the Judicial Department Mr. F.J. Halliday who finally approved the proposal.

The majestic Old Building - Over 150 years old

The school building is at the intersection of Bally canal and Hooghly river

As a result of this initiatives, the school at Uttarpara (Ooterparah School) was opened in March, 1846. It was housed in a few scattered hutments near Bally Khal originally meant to accommodate workers of Bally Tension Bridge. The first headmaster of the school was Mr. Robert Hand. Mr. Hand had only one deputy - assistant master Mr. C. Grant. The school had an initial enrolment of 167 students.

Eminent educationists like Ramtanu Lahiri, Banmali Mitra (classmate of Michael Madhusudan Datta), Kali Prasanna Bose were some of the past headmasters of this school. Today Uttarpara Govt School is a premier school in West Bengal, among its best. Its students have regularly occupied top ranks in Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations. The school recently celebrated its 150th year. For more information - please visit Website of Ex-Students' Association

The new building


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