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Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee  

Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis was part of a 5-member medical mission that went to China in 1938 for serving the Chinese people in their struggle against Japanese imperialism. The medical mission was sent by Indian National Congress, at the initiative of Pandit Jawharlal Nehru. The mission served Chinese people for 5 years under most inhospitable condition, fighting severe cold, lack of medical facilities and constant threat of Japanese attack.  

An organizational meeting of Kotnis Committee in progress

Dr. Kotnis worked round the clock to serve the diseased and wounded under extreme hardship. Unable to take the constant pounding - his health started deteriorating. Some of his comrades could not stand it for long and returned to India - but not Dr. Kotnis. He fought to the last and died in China on December 9' 1942.  

Kotnis Committee regularly organizes cultural functions

Dr. Kotnis was personification of dedication, commitment and perseverance. No amount of adversity or hardship could change his determination to serve the poor. Truly a great son of India, but largely remaining a unsung hero - the idealism and commitment of Dr. Kotnis inspired a group of men and women to form an organization in his memory.  

Acupuncture Treatment Centre - Kotnis Committee

Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee was formed in 1943. However, the committee could not function for long. In a meeting of like minded men and women on April 22' 1973 at Calcutta Students Hall - it was decided to revive Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee.

For last 30 years, the Kotnis Memorial Committee has been serving poor and needy patients through its medical centres.  

A drama in progress

Though medical service has been the mainstay of Dr. Kotnis Memorial Committee - its cultural troupe has been propagating the teachings of Dr. Kotnis through drama, music, one-act plays etc.

The Committee also organizes blood donation camps, community health programmes, educational programmes etc.  

Blood Donation Camp organized by Kotnis Committee



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