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Uttarpara Young Mens' Association (YMA)


Young Men's Association or YMA is one of the oldest sports clubs in Bengal, with a history spanning more than 50 years. The British domination of India gave rise to many popular uprisings in Bengal and the fury and rage of the youth against British domination took many forms and manifestations.

Fag end of popular 3 Mile Road Race organized by YMA

We see one such manifestation of revolt against the British domination in YMA club. A few young men of Uttarpara decided to set up this club and inculcate a culture of sportsmanship and competitiveness among youth of the locality.

School Boys in their teens enthusiastically participate and accept the challenge of running 3 miles on a wintry day on National Highway

Members of YMA Club - People behind 3 Mile Road Race organized on 26th January every year. The club has been organizing this event for last 54 years

YMA was the fountainhead of sports activities in Uttarpara and adjoining areas during 1940s and 1950s. It took part in district and sub-divisional tournaments in Football, Cricket, Hockey etc. and organized many sports meets.

Prime Mover of YMA Club - Sri Kashinath Chattopadhyay delivering keynote address in prize distribution ceremony

Time took its toll on organizers of YMA club - who slowly gave way to newer clubs like Tarun Sangha, Netaji Brigrade etc. However, the YMA still organizes the 3-mile Road race on 26th January. It has been consistently doing this for last 54 years - thanks to Sri Kashinath Chattopdhyay and his limitless energy. Though organized by YMA, the event has become part of Uttarpara life style where organizers from every club participates and make it a resounding success - year after year.


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