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Nestled on the banks of the Hooghly River, Uttarpara is a captivating blend of history and vibrant culture. Grand buildings whisper tales of a bygone era, while bustling streets resonate with the warmth of Bengali traditions. From the iconic Uttarpara Jaykrishna Library to majestic Raj palaces to age old temples – Uttarpara offers a glimpse into a town where heritage thrives.


A rich history, dating back to 1600 AD – fascinating account of how a marsh land on the banks of Hooghly river came up to today’s Uttarpara


Uttarparans are proud of their contribution to cultural development and Bengali renaissance over last 400 years. Role of benevolent jamindars


Uttarpara is full of heritage buildings, temples, libraries, schools. India’s first public library started here. Uttarpara Govt school is over 175 years old !


No discussion on Uttarpara is complete without core families, it’s founder Sabarna Choudury brought, and others who followed and enriched Uttarpara


Well known for its schools, colleges – students from distant villages come here for study. Uttarpara Govt High School is over 175 years old.


Uttarpara has produced many outstanding sports persona who have brought glory for Bengal as well as whole India. Abundant sports clubs still bearing the tradition

Uttarpara Speech Of Sri Aurobinda

Rishi Arabinda

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